Celebrating a year of happy tails!

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Last year, more than 15,200 animals went home from San Diego Humane Society with happy tails and hearts. Here are just a few of the thousands of furry faces who received a second chance at life and love, thanks to our supporters, volunteers and staff members…

  1. Buster

Buster, a two-year-old Bull Terrier, was found in the ally behind our shelter, abandoned by his previous owner. We took care of this terrified and heartbroken boy, until a lovely man came along and adopted Buster. Today, Buster is thriving in his new life – which includes a canine sibling sidekick!

Congratulations, Rolo! You deserve it! #happytails #adopted

  1. Rolo

We first met Rolo, a one-year-old Lop mix, when he was brought in as a stray bunny. He was a little underweight and timid, so one of our loving foster volunteers took him in temporarily – or so we thought. Rolo’s charm and allure was so captivating, his foster mom adopted him!

  1. Milo and Feather

    Milo and Feather

Milo and Feather arrived at our shelter separately, but they got along so nicely, we housed them together on our adoption floor. A family came in looking to adopt a new feline friend. The son fell in love with Milo and the daughter fell in love with Feather, so the family decided to open their hearts and home to both cats.

We are so excited for you, Peach! #happytails #adopted

  1. Peach

This beautiful girl was transferred into our care from another shelter for being extremely shy and fearful. While our staff and volunteers worked gently with Peach, we learned toys really help her feel most comfortable. When Peach was adopted by a young couple, we gave her one of her favorite toys as she walked out of the shelter with them to start her new life.

We are overjoyed for you, Oso! #GoingHome

  1. Oso

A little unsure around noise and new people, Oso waited very patiently for the right family to come along. It took over a year, but it finally happened when a woman and her twin daughters fell in love with Oso and were willing to dedicate the patience and reassurance he would need for a happy life.

Rasta 166041
  1. Rasta

Originally found homeless, Rasta quickly gained a superstar reputation at our shelter for being friendly and sweet to both humans and people. After just a couple weeks in our care, Rasta was adopted by a new family!

Greta 165361
  1. Greta

Greta, a 16-year-old cat, was abandoned inside a crate left out front of a local animal hospital. The woman who found Greta brought her to our shelter for safety and care, but she couldn’t get this precious cat’s face and heartbreaking story out of her mind. So once Greta was medically and behaviorally cleared, she adopted Greta!

Chilli 136822
  1. Chilli

This handsome boy was transferred into our care from another shelter because he had feline diabetes and was overweight. To encourage the physical activity Chilli needed, he became a live-in office mate for one of our staff members. After a year of diligently assisting with e-mails and phone calls (wink wink), Chilli was adopted by a wonderful family.

Cyndi and Hunter (right) adopt two kittens after spending the day with them for a very successful UBER Kitten day to support animals of San Diego Humane Society. They plan to name the cute little kittens “Ross and Rachel” or Bonnie and Clyde.”

  1. Bonnie and Clyde

Born in the same litter, these two stunning and mischievous kittens were truly partners in crime. It’s hilariously coincidental then, that they were adopted by another partner in crime family duo – a mom and daughter! Cyndi and Hunter, volunteer at our shelter, knew they had found their match when they met Bonnie and Clyde. They adopted both kittens that same day.

Yipeee for Charger! #happytails #adopted #donate

  1. Charger

Rescued from a situation of neglect, our staff and volunteers immediately had a soft spot in their hearts for this gentle boy. For more than a year, Charger waited patiently for his new family. During this time, he was gracious enough to let his cute face and sweet personality be the star of many of our community engagement events throughout San Diego. Finally, a couple fell in love with him at our shelter and adopted him.

Wishing you all our best, Catson and Daly! #happytails #adopted

  1. Carson and Daly

Carson and Daly were found roaming the streets together, without collars or microchips. We quickly learned that these two buddies were bonded, which meant their emotional and physical well-being depended on them staying together. Luckily, a lovely couple came in to meet Carson and Daly and decided to bring this special pair home with them.

Hip hip hooray for Diego! #GoingHome

  1. Diego

After Diego’s previous parents became unable to care for him, they made the difficult decision to bring him to our shelter. This sweetheart of a dog was only with us for a few days, when a nice gentleman came in looking for a canine companion to share his days with. He met adorable Diego and the rest is history.

We are so happy for you, Tiny! #happytails #adopted

  1. Tiny Man aka Walter Elias Disney

Found as a stray, Tiny Man was the perfect gentleman from the moment we first met him. A few days later, a family with three older children and a friendly resident dog came in to meet Tiny Man and adopted him without hesitation. A recent update from Tiny Man’s new family reveals that they have renamed him Walter Elias Disney and that he is the prince of their home.

Way to go, Nala! #GoingHome

  1. Nala

Nala was all purrs and cuddles when she was transferred into our care. When a young man came in looking for a new feline friend, this sweet and social girl purr-suaded her way right into his heart.

After being in the shelter for almost 100 days, the gorgeous triplets Leona, Leopold, and Leroy were adopted all together! Wishing you all our best! #happytails #adopted

  1. Leona, Leroy and Leopold

This bonded trio ended up in our shelter after their owner passed away. While it can be more difficult to place a bonded duo of animals, we knew it would take an extra special person to open their hearts to these three kitties in need. We were so delighted when that person finally came along and gave these cats the new home they deserved.


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