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Cupid’s Pick

Behavior and Training-CD-012615 (130)“Honey Bear came to us a very shy, fearful dog. We fostered him twice and when he came back in January, he settled back into our home right away. He remembered the rules and manners he’d been taught and it was clear he was becoming a member of the family. (It became official on Valentine’s Day!) The trainers at San Diego Humane Society have been invaluable in helping me continue his work at becoming a confident, well-mannered dog. He’s very sweet, with a super-fun, active side and a loveable, calm side as well. Since he is a pit bull mix, my hope is that he can become a positive example in the community for this at-times misunderstood breed.”
—Leslie Van Epps

Odd Couple Alert!

Tallulah and Gypsy Rose“Miss Tallulah (a chinchilla) and Gypsy Rose (a pit bull/golden retriever mix) have developed a friendship of mutual respect and just plain old-fashioned love. Tallulah romps back, and forth across the bed and over Gypsy Rose’s back and Gypsy just smiles and sighs with contentment. They remind me daily of how animals can cross barriers we create and form friendships in spite of their differences.”
–Danny Pulley

Arizona Coonhounds

Apollo and Rocky“Apollo and Rocky are the greatest of dogs. They are very fast learners and aim to please. They’re getting smarter every day and even in this short time, they’ve learned to sit and shake. Even though it’s only been days, it seems like they’ve been with us forever. We can’t thank all of you enough for these wonderful dogs. Rest assured they are in a loving, caring home.”

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