Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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On Friday, June 26 offices around the world will be opening their doors to canine co-workers in celebration of “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Here at San Diego Humane Society, we embrace this holiday every day of the year! That’s right, staff members are allowed to bring their well-behaved dogs to work with them on a daily basis. In fact, it’s highly encouraged. The ramification of having this unique work environment is that most San Diego Humane Society staff members now consider themselves (self-proclaimed) “experts” on the topic of having pets at the office.

So we reached out to these “experts” and got the inside scoop on all the joys and goofs you should plan for when you bring your dog to work.



  1. Distractions galore.

This one’s huge. While having your pet at work with you is brilliantly fun…it’s also a distraction that needs to be managed for productivity’s sake. Loud snoring, desk hogs, irresistible “cuddle me” faces…you have to be prepared for encountering and resisting (when necessary) these adorable distractions.

  1. Escape artists

“When I’m not present, my dog Rux sneaks out of my office, steals garbage from the trash can in the hallway and carries it all to a nearby couch. He then feasts on the garbage and promptly passes out. I have gotten text messages from multiple staff members saying, “Your dog is sleeping in a pile of trash on the couch.” Whoops. – Elizabeth S.

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  1. Spoiled first impressions.

“There’s nothing better than having your devoted companion by your side to keep you company while you work. But you have to be willing to roll with the embarrassment they will cause you in front of your coworkers! It was a joy to bring my new puppy, Cooper, to work with me until he peed on our president. Fortunately, our president is very understanding when it comes to naughty puppies!” – Kelli S.

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  1. Food wars.

“My dog, Sally, stealthily sneaks by the baby gate in my cubicle and goes around the office, stealing food from the bowls of other animals…and trash cans!” – Christina L.

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  1. Barking “bouncer”

“My tiny dog, Fitz, has taken it upon himself to be the fearless guardian of my office door. Every time someone passes by, he barks incessantly and then looks back at me to make sure I’m watching the “good work” he’s doing.” – Jennifer P.

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  1. Mutually beneficial companionship.

You and your pet are best buds. So getting to spend all day together at work and at home too is definitely a win-win situation!

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  1. Cuteness overload.

Nothing breaks up the monotony of a workday quite like the adorable sight of your pet’s smiling face.

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  1. Built-in excuse for brain breaks.

“My dogs snooze away under my desk while I work and then bounce up as soon as I tell them it’s time for a walk. This works out perfectly for all of us, because I also enjoy taking breaks to get some fresh air and sunshine throughout the day!” – Beth C.



  1. A new way to bond with co-workers.

One of the biggest equalizers amongst people is pets. You may find yourself having a conversation with a co-worker you’d previously never spoken with, simply because they felt compelled to say hello to your pet. Bringing your dog to work is a great way to meet and engage with other animal-loving co-workers!

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  1. Socialization benefits for your pet.

As long as your pet is comfortable at work with you, it’s a great setting for socialization purposes. Having them meet new people, see new sights and hear new sounds helps to build their confidence in unfamiliar environments. Treats are also a great way to help your pet acclimate to the new surroundings at work!

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