A Renovated Rabbitat

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The lucky rabbits at Rancho Coastal Humane Society are moving on up to a deluxe “rabbitat” on the Encinitas campus. A renovation project completed earlier this year expanded the enclosure to reduce stress on the animals and create a more bunny- and adoption-friendly environment.

“We aren’t taking in more rabbits than before, but we changed the way they’re housed so we can make sure they’re highly visible and as social and adoptable as we know they can be,” says Nick Winfrey at Rancho Coastal, which houses eight to 12 rabbits at any given time. “With the new rabbitat, we’ve reduced the emotional and well-being issues that can arise from rabbits being kept in a small enclosure, and created an inviting space for families.”

Visit rchumanesociety.org for more information on adopting a rabbit from the new rabbitat.


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