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SD-Pets_Letters_TwixWe adopted a miniature white poodle from the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA almost three years ago. His name is Nicholas. When we got him, he was very shy, scared of everything, and SDHS cautioned us that he would not be a lap dog since he was more of a dog’s dog. We had no problem with that as he needed a home. He had been at the Humane Society for three months when we got him and before that he was a stray in Oceanside for who knows how long.

Nicholas has turned into the BEST DOG EVER. When we brought him home, he was very scared, and we just kind of let him find his own way. He is now the sweetest dog, the most loving, and really only wants to sit in a lap or lay on the bed next to me and I am fine with that.

He enjoys time with his doggie brother, Kevin, and he is a pretty happy and playful pup now!


SD-Pets_Letters_NicholasTwix is doing great. He was named Twix because he is ooey-gooey on the inside, and who doesn’t like a Twix? We think he is doing extremely well and acclimating to everyone. He loves our cat Mingtoi, and they play a lot. He is very sweet and kind. My husband calls him Twixer the Fixer.

It looks like he will end up being my comfort dog. I’m very pleased.

Twix is a healer. He is the person in the fur suit that our family was wanting. I’m thankful to the other people that were interested in him but didn’t come back. I pretend Twix was waiting for us to come and get him.

We want to truly thank Adrian for his help picking out Twix for us at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. He really has a gift for picking animals for people. We were not looking for a little dog, and have never been little dog people until now. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks!
—Norm, Karyn, and Twix


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