Donor Profile: Mary Drake

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Mary Drake

Over a decade ago, philanthropist Mary Drake spent three days feeding a mangy, starving kitten on Easter Island. She then paid for the kitten to be flown to her home in Los Angeles, where it has lived ever since. So, her bar for animal rescues is pretty high. 

“When you adopt an animal it’s a lifelong commitment,” says Drake, a longtime donor to San Diego Humane Society and the owner of four horses, three dogs and two cats. “I understand that emergencies happen, but don’t adopt an animal if you’re going to no longer want it when it’s old. You have to have that kindness in your heart. You can’t just change your mind.”

It’s no surprise that the kitten rescuer is also a big fan of SDHS’s Kitten Nursery, where her donations go toward whatever the shelter needs.

“San Diego Humane Society doesn’t euthanize healthy or treatable animals,” she says. “I like the fact that unless the animal has a disease that’s going to compromise his quality of life, they will keep him as long as necessary to make sure he finds a home.”


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