When does my dog have to be on a leash?

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Away from home, your dog must be restrained on a handheld leash no longer than 6 feet, even if he’s good with other dogs. That 6-foot limit applies to retractable leashes, too. Dogs get an extra 2 feet of leash leeway inside San Diego city limits. “I think most owners are positive that their animal will obey them and that they have them under voice control if they’re not leashed,” Cook says, “but I can’t even count the number of times over the years that hasn’t been the case.” But don’t think Cook and her officers will be out measuring leashes to pass out tickets. “We’re always going to start with a warning and ask citizens politely to leash their dog.” That’s enough 99 percent of the time, she says. Also, don’t forget to bring bags while you’re out on walks or in the park. You’re required by law to pick up after your pet.


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