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It’s said that food is not love, but I’ve never believed that. We show our love through food—whether it’s with each other or with our pet. Good food is an essential ingredient for the overall health of everyone, humans and animals, and eating nutritiously is not as mysterious as people think. Our pets’ needs are simple: They need a good source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. And of course, it should be as palatable as possible.

Since love has no bounds, I’m also a big fan of treats. I follow three rules: First, I look at the ingredients. Second, I buy from trustworthy, humane sources and watch recall lists. Third, I know how my animals’ systems react: If I give my German shepherd a new kind of food, I know I’ll be cleaning up all day. I also know my pit bull loves anything soft and smoked—she will run through a wall for a Snausage! Know what agrees with your pet and you’ll have happy, well-fed and well-loved animals.

This issue of San Diego Pets Magazine is filled with tips to provide your pets with proper nutrition. And since our pets aren’t the only ones needing good care and feeding, we also highlight the important work of Project Wildlife, our partner in protecting the wild animals of our biodiverse and beautiful county. At San Diego Humane Society, we’re committed to the welfare of all animals, and being able to care for wildlife is one of the most significant accomplishments in our 136-year history. Spring is baby season, so there are more vulnerable creatures than ever. Read on to learn how to help (and when to keep your distance from) the wonderful wild creatures who share our community. It’s my hope that as citizens of the animal kingdom, we can all thrive successfully together. And celebrate those successes with love—I mean, food.


Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA
President and CEO
San Diego Humane Society


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Duke, our well-behaved French bulldog friend, was photographed by Becca Batista with his owners at The Patio on Lamont restaurant. All restaurants by The Patio (also in Mission Hills and Liberty Station) offer pet-friendly patios, water bowls, and dog biscuits.


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