End the Dog Meat Trade

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Written by local animal advocate, April Ventura.

June 21 marks the beginning of the annual Dog Meat Festival in Yulin. This atrociously cruel event spans about 10 days during which it is estimated that over 10,000 dogs are put through horrendous suffering before being served as food to festival goers. Many of whom believe that the adrenaline from torture will tenderize their meat. Dogs involved are routinely skinned or boiled alive and some are electrocuted, dismembered and beaten before being slaughtered for consumption. Worse still, these dogs are many times illegally obtained by being stolen from loving homes or rounded up off the streets from neighboring countries. (source)

It may seem that making a difference in another country is near impossible, but there is something that us dog lovers can do to make a change. There are many groups working to rescue dogs from the this fate by intercepting dog trucks on their way to the festival, shutting down illegal slaughterhouses and providing medical care to dogs who have already been rescued then providing services to assist in re-homing them. Public awareness is vital in the fight against animal-cruelty. Yulin officials claim that these dogs are slaughtered humanely, but photo and video evidence as well as eyewitnesses tell a different story.

Spreading the word can help put pressure on foreign governments to introduce new legislation and ultimately end the dog meat trade as it has been done in Thailand.

These organizations are specifically working to help Yulin survivors and end the dog meat trade. Follow, retweet, donate, volunteer and support!




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