The Hands Free Leash You Need To Know About

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The Leisure Leash was created to be simple, convenient and still be multi-purpose for teaching and training. The major design concept is your dog carries the Leisure Leash which provides a hands free opportunity any time or any place your dog is off leash. It consists of only two parts: the slip collar and a two-position leash. 

The leash is lightweight on your dog and you can heel train in the short position or more casually walk in the long position.

How to use it:



Handle in Short Position for heeling.






Handle in Long Position.





Dog carries the entire leash.





Every dog owner, at one time or another, must compensate for the standard leash length by wrapping extra leash around his or her hand, doubling it up in both hands, carrying the bundle or stuffing it in pockets. Upon arrival at your destination, your car, or home you must always find a place for the leash. With the Leisure Leash there is no need to hassle with the leash again. It is either where it belongs in your home or on your dog. The Leisure Leash is so comfortable for your dog he/she does not mind leaving it on. When you travel with your dog (or dogs), they will happily carry the Leisure Leash. You are always ready for any possibility anytime because your dog, has their leashes ready to go.

We are proud to say our product is handmade from start to finish in Temecula, California. 

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