Rescued Tails

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Local company, Rescued Tails™ offers custom gifts and educational tools for pet lovers.

Rescued Tails™ pet portraits are available in various color pallets with the options of bright, pastel, natural or custom. In addition to printing and/or framing your illustration, you can put your best friend on a tee shirt, mug, etc.

Rescued Tails’s motto is to “Warm hearts, save lives” ©.

This local company will warm hearts by creating a gift like no other while serving a mission to help hundreds of dogs that were rescued off the streets of Mexico to find homes. Rescue Tails’ mission saves lives by donating $1 from each product sold to animal charities. Visit for other pet resources too.

Creative Designer, Wendy Rall says, “Our mission is to educate the public, especially children, on how to be safe around dogs, and how to deal with dog to dog aggression.”

Rescue Tails offers educational tools on their website.


Each piece is custom made with the specific animal in mind. From cowboy hats and horseshoes to hearts and colorful dog-prints, the essence of each animal portrayed is captured expertly.

For more samples designs and information, please visit or contact Wendy Rall directly at or 951-704-3374.

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