When it comes to enrichment, Puppy Nose best!

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By Juliette Nash,
Community Training Coordinator

Exciting things are happening at the San Diego Humane Society! We reintroduced classes in January 2019 and increased our commitment to providing functional, stimulating and novel classes for you and your pets to meet a wide range of training needs and goals. One of the first classes to roll out is one we’re particularly excited about – Puppy Noses – an introduction to scent work and enrichment! 

This class is the first of its kind! The puppy nose work class is geared specifically toward helping puppies learn to build confidence and problem solve in an ever changing world. Fun puzzle games and challenges are created for each puppy.

Nose work is exciting, fun and mentally stimulating work – which means it burns off a lot of energy! In addition, any breed from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds, can learn the game, regardless of whether or not they’re typically classified as working or hunting dogs. No former training is required to attend classes! 

Learning to play games and solves puzzles builds your puppy’s cognitive abilities, while increasing their exposure to new objects, environments and surfaces – which is critical for socialization. In addition, you can set up these games at home, which will keep your puppy busy and make them less likely to engage in undesirable behaviors. 

 Lastly, this three-week class is a great foundation. If you and your dog fall in love with K9 Nose Work and decide to continue, there are additional levels of fun scent work – basic through advanced!  Basic classes will continue building their skills with puzzle games and finding food. Intermediate classes will increase the challenges of finding the food and introduce odor. The advanced teams will find their dogs working on odor alone and searching a variety of elements such as vehicles and exterior spaces. All of our scent work classes are developed and taught by our expert training partner, Jamie Bozzi – the first certified nose work instructor in San Diego (CNWI) and a current AKC Scent Work Judge. 

Our first class begins Friday, February 15 at 5 p.m., and puppies between 13 weeks and 6 months old may attend.

 If you have questions about this exciting, new San Diego Humane Society exclusive class, please contact us at 619-299-7012 ext. 2398 or email behavior@sdhumane.org!  


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