San Diego Humane Society Offers Tips on Keeping Pets Safe ...
The 4th of July holiday is a festive day of celebration for people, but fireworks can be terrifying for our pets.  Mo...
02:36 PM, Monday, June 23
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Fostering hope on the quest to end euthanasia
In 2009, a friend approached Margaret Choi with a favor to ask: foster a pit bull. Her friend had started a pit bull ...
10:57 AM, Sunday, June 22
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On the Road With Rover
It’s Summertime! Time to pack up the SUV, hitch up the JetSki trailer, lock the front door, take the kids to the kenn...
07:00 AM, Friday, June 06
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Meet Shorty Rossi
When you star on a television show, headline for a national pet expo company, take on roles as a movie agent and prop...
04:22 PM, Monday, June 02
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Hey, Take a Hike…With Your Dog!
Want to take the ho-hum out of your daily dog walks plus treat your dog to new sights, sounds and smells? Seeking a g...
04:56 PM, Thursday, April 10
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The Science Behind Keeping Kitties Healthy
When my tabby cat, Pandora, was eight years old, I took her to the veterinarian for a routine wellness visit. During ...
04:36 PM, Thursday, April 10
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San Diego’s Top 10 Pet-Friendly Activities
1.Swim and make a splash: We humans enjoy water sports, so why shouldn’t our canine companions? The next time you go ...
10:14 AM, Tuesday, March 11
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Canine Cancer is the Pits
Local Dog Rescue Supports Effort to Reach $1 Million for Research
09:58 AM, Friday, February 07
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Pets Need Safehouses, Too
We live in an imperfect world, and no matter how much we wish otherwise, bad things happen to good people. There is e...
07:00 AM, Tuesday, February 04
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Take a Bite O­­ut of Dental Disease During National Pet De...
February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a time to address the importance of dental health for our furry, four-l...
12:30 PM, Friday, January 31
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Ever Wish You Could Talk to Your Dog?
It’s Easier than You Might Think! Many pet owners think of their dogs as children. But the reality is they aren’t hum...
12:09 PM, Friday, January 31
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Petey, the Friendly Red Aby.
Petey was smaller than I had expected from seeing his picture. His big ears and long neck made me think he was going ...
11:25 AM, Friday, January 31
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Happily Ever Adopted Stories!
Max was picked up by the San Diego Humane Society last year. A few things were immediately clear about the large Germ...
08:00 AM, Friday, January 31
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Giving Peace of Mind To Those Who Keep the Peace: Dogs on ...
When a member of the U.S. Armed Forces is ordered to go on foreign deployment or duty to another state, a myriad of d...
12:00 AM, Thursday, January 30
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The Little Dogs' Big Problem
The Overpopulation of Chihuahuas in San Diego County I have always called myself a big dog person. While noticing lit...
11:33 PM, Sunday, January 26
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