Animal Communication: Become One with Your Dog
09:27 AM, Thursday, October 18
Have you ever wondered what your pooch is thinking? Do you see your loyal hound gazing out of the window and wish you knew what he was dreaming about? Well what if I was to tell you that there are people who can telepathically converse with dogs without even being in the same room as them? This is the claim that is being put forward by ‘pet psychics’- individuals who make their living from delving deep into the minds of troubled animals. The birth of the Internet has seen a boom in canine psychics, with clairvoyants offering everything from diagnoses of the causes of antisocial behavior to remote counseling for your dog. Many operate at a distance and require only a photo and a bit of background information in order to get inside a pooch’s head.

According to San Diego-based pet psychic Aimee Johnson, dog communication is simply a matter of rejecting conventionally held beliefs and tapping into a hidden skill that all human beings possess. ‘It really is a matter of where and how you choose to focus your awareness,’ she says. ‘Everything is available for everyone, as we live in an inclusive and expanding universe. If we decide to limit this inclusive expansion with thoughts of exclusion and non-possibility then this is our right. We are blessed with the freewill to create whatever it is we want, including limitations and fears. Not being able to hear is really not wanting to hear, mostly due to fear.’

Animal communicators may sound like something out of Doctor Doolittle but they are capable of achieving shockingly accurate results. In August 2009, a skeptical reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle took her pet Chihuahua, Kai, to see a telepathist out of sheer curiosity. The psychic made a number of very specific observations, including the fact that Kai liked to eat noodles, occasionally wore a green sweater and had previously hurt his back. She also said that he wanted his picture taken with an abalone shell, which seemed a very random thing to say… until later that day when Kai unearthed this exact type of shell during a visit to the beach.

The case of Canadian dog owner Josee Poulin and her three-year-old Shetland sheepdog Lady-Belle is equally impressive. Josee consulted psychic Maggie Carruthers after Lady-Belle went missing. Carruthers said that she had seen an image of the dog on the meadow between the golf course and Wyman Road in her local town of Yarmouth. Incredibly, Lady-Belle was found exactly where this talented clairvoyant had predicted her to be.

Remarkable as these cases might be, there are still those who believe that pet communication is simply make belief. Wilfredo Perez of the San Diego Colaition of Reason is outspoken in his criticism of animal telepathists. ‘So-called “pet psychics” are nothing but conmen or women,’ he says. ‘There is absolutely no scientific evidence proving that humans can read the thoughts of animals and vice versa. People believe in pet psychics because they desperately want to believe in them but strongly believing in something doesn’t make it true.’

‘Pet psychics are all about cold reading the human owners of the pets. Obviously the pets are entirely immune to these readings but it is not the pet that must be convinced but rather the owner so it is the owner that gets cold read by the pet psychic. My wife and I have four cats. If a so-called “pet psychic” ever visited our home and asked, “What are the names of your cats?” then I would respond, “You tell me.”  Somehow, I seriously doubt that our cats could tell a pet psychic their names.’

The ‘cold calling’ explanation still fails to account for the results obtained by those who communicate with dogs from a distance. Aimee puts skepticism of animal telepaths down to the fact that people are hung up on what they believe to be ‘real’. ‘Communicating with a pet is no different to communicating with your own inner being,’ she says. ‘Folks who do not believe they have the power to communicate simply do not as a result of their decision not to believe. If they changed their belief and focused awareness, they too could hear what the animals are saying. You must always be willing to forget what you think you know in order to receive that which actually is. All we really need to do is love and trust ourselves enough to enjoy the realities of this existence and they are endless, limitless and always abundant.’

Do I personally believe in dog telepathy? I am yet to come to a conclusion. I do however believe that it should never be used in place of taking animals to the vet. Psychic communicators and healers may help to put an owner’s mind at rest but it is always advisable to seek the opinion of a health professional if your pet is ill or behaving strangely. Animal telepathists can provide a second opinion or offer additional guidance but should never be taken as the sole authority on a dog’s well being. After all, the fact that some of them are accurate does not necessarily mean that they will all fall within this category. It is best to view them how you would view astrologers; it is interesting to see what they have got to say but probably not advisable to take their words as gospel.

Richard Silverwood is an animal lover from Manchester, England. His first pet was a goldfish called Goldie and he is currently the proud owner of a lovable yet contrary black and white cat called Mitten. He has contributed to a range of different pet-related magazines including Equestrian Life, Tails and Bella Dog and ghost-writes non-fiction books.

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susie f
October 17, 2013
Aimee Johnson is a complete fraud. DO NOT PAY THIS FRAUD. She's will make your life a complete mess. If she's s psychic I'm the pope

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