February is Love Month, so act accordingly!
by KR JOHNSON | San Diego Pets
10:41 PM, Friday, February 10
This month, San Diego Pets features stories about health—feeding your pets the best of foods, brushing them, playing with them, providing them plenty of fresh, clean water and regular grooming.

But what ingredient is the most important thing for a happy and healthy pet? Love. And I mean that in the capital-L sense of the word. All of us who love our pets know how incredibly loving they are in return, and so they deserve the best of everything.

Since this just happens to be February, the Love Month, I started thinking: What do we San Diegans love? Apple pie… baseball… and our dogs! So I thought, what would make the perfect Valentine’s Day for that favorite dog in your life?

Well, since the essence of gift-giving is finding something the receiver will enjoy, I tried to put myself in the dog’s mind. Here’s the perfect canine Valentine’s Day:

Begin the day with a nice, brisk walk around the neighborhood, followed by a hearty breakfast and a long drink of water. Then, it’s lying in front of the fireplace for a belly-rub (because what’s life without a good belly-rub?) and a snooze.

Then it’s into the car—windows down, please—for a trip to a leash-free dog park to romp and play and sniff and maybe catch a Frisbee or fetch a stick.

After that, it’s home for another belly-rub and a then curling up on a cushy cushion with a heart-shaped chewy bone!

Ahh, four paws up for this day.

To commemorate the day further, here’s a little ditty

(to be sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game):

Let’s all head out for Dog Beach.

Let me run in the sand!

I want to chase balls and eat seaweed,

And then have a romp through the waves!

For it’s woof-woof-woof at the seagulls,

And then back home for a treat.

For it’s one, two, three hours of fun

At my favorite doggie beach!

So, all you San Diego doggie friends out there: Enjoy! The love you get back and will continue to get back from your furry canine friend is a million times more than you give! Happy Love Day, everyone!

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