Halloween Pet Safety
12:33 PM, Friday, September 07
Safety first! - No matter now cute your pooch will look dressed up as a mummy, you have to ask your self, 'is it safe?'  Costumes should be simple without a lot of small parts or dangling items.  These can be chocking or tripping issues that can hurt your pet or others.  Also important to make sure any pet costumes don't restrict breathing or cause your pet to overheat.  Think safety and comfort over cuteness of costume!

Hide the sweet treats - Absolutely no candy or human treats of any kind should be given to your pets.  Make sure all human candy and treats are put well out of reach of your furry kids and make sure your children are aware of the dangers of giving candy to dogs.  Chocolate and nuts are in a lot of Halloween candy and both are extremely dangerous for pooches.

Pet Patrol - Pet parties can be a lot of fun as long as safety precautions are taken.  Make sure to have as many "human helpers" as possible to monitor the dogs at the party to make sure they are safe and not getting into any trouble.  Warn party goers about the dangers of unattended dogs, feeding people food to dogs etc.


Aaron Hill is a certified professional animal trainer and the owner of Pets in the City (www.petsinthecity.com) a premiere Dog Walking / Pet-sitting/ Training service in Los Angeles.  He is certified in pet first-aid and CPR and is a member of Pet-Sitters International.

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