Happily Ever Adopted
by San Diego Humane Society
06:01 PM, Monday, May 14
Snowflake, a 5-year old American Pit Bull Terrier, was a resident of the San Diego Humane Society for more than a year before claiming the hearts of a wonderful new family. Snowflake’s new pet parents feel most grateful for finding this gem of a doggie, and recently sent the San Diego Humane Society an update along with some photos of their cherished family member...

“Roxie (formerly Snowflake) has been getting used to her new home. She is such a sweet girl and we both love her dearly. She has the run of the house and has had no accidents (YAY Roxie)! She has met a number of our friends over the past 4 months and loves to have visitors. They look at her size and her breed and you can tell they think she is going to be quite the handful. She always amazes them with how sweet and gentle she is. She has learned a few tricks and we are planning on taking her to her first obedience training soon. She loves the sunshine for a dog that is prone to sunburn LOL. We picked up some new sun block that she seems to not mind. Now she can go out and enjoy the new hammock bed she has in the backyard without getting sunburned.

She continues to love her treats, her belly rubs and lots of attention. This has been a wonderful situation for all of us. She has a loving home with two owners who think she is amazing and sweet. She seems to love us back and enjoys her new home and especially her backyard.”

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