Happily Ever Adopted
09:50 PM, Monday, June 18
“Bolt is doing great! I think he has finally settled in. His weight is coming along nicely now, especially since I think he is no longer so nervous with his new surroundings.

He's made great improvements with his behavior on the walks. We had [San Diego Humane Society Sr. Trainer] Margaret here for a couple training sessions and that really helped. He rarely barks at cars now and what used to be a very "chaotic", very short, walk around the block has turned into nice 20-30 minutes walks around the neighborhood. I've just started taking him on small hikes in Presidio Park. He seems to really like that and is very curious about the squirrels and little lizards we see.

Fortunately he is showing no problems with his arthritis and dysplasia. As long as we keep the activity moderate, he does fine. That is good, since he loves chasing the ball. We'll play soccer with the kids in the backyard and he loves that. He'll keep a deflated ball in his mouth and just follow us with the ball. He loves playing defense and has now started to bat at the ball with his paws and even stop it with his mouth so you can't get past him. Very cute!

He continues to do great with the kids and their friends that come to the house. He views everyone that comes to the house as a potential playmate so greets everyone very happily. Of course, the kids love playing with him too.”

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