Healthier Eating For Your Pets
09:48 AM, Monday, August 27
Over the past 15 years we have been made aware of the dangers of unhealthy eating and poor diets, but we have overlooked one important factor, the diets of our pets.

Raw pet food is not only the healthiest option for your pet, it is also recommended by local pet store owners. “People in Southern California live reasonably healthy lives, and because pets are viewed as part of the family, it translates into better health choices for their pets,” says Russell Blauert, owner of IB Pet, “in our opinion, raw pet food is the healthiest option available and we recommend it 100%.”

Traditional dry pet food is made out of the ingredients that we try to limit in our own diets, such as corn based products, sugars and salts. Dry kibble was created as a convenience food because it is easier and cheaper to produce, and is basically fast-food for animals. Dogs and cats are carnivores by nature, and feeding them dry grains and carb rich additives is not a healthy option.

San Diego Pet Food Delivery has made the pledge to serving only the best raw foods available, with FREE next day delivery to your door to anywhere in San Diego County. They carry 12 different lines of raw pet foods, and focus on biologically appropriate raw foods for your dogs and cats.

If you are not sure what raw is, or are looking for any tips on feeding your pets, their knowledgable and friendly staff can help you with any assistance you may need.

About San Diego Pet Food Delivery: San Diego Pet Food Delivery is a U.S. Navy Veteran locally owned and operated business, founded in April 2011. They carry the largest supply of raw in San Diego County, with a very knowledgable and friendly staff. For more information visit or call 619-655-4363. You can follow San Diego Pet Food Delivery on twitter, @SDPFD or become a fan on Facebook at

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