How to Give Your Shih Tzu a Teddy Bear Cut
by dogwalker8
 Touch of Home Pet Care
11:49 AM, Wednesday, June 20
Heidi with Teddy Bear Cut From Professional
Heidi with Teddy Bear Cut From Professional

My daughter rescued a Shih Tzu, the cutest little thing, about 3 years ago. Little did we know of the grooming required for this breed at the time. Heidi was a rescue so we did not consider this when taking her, but that would not have changed our minds. She needed a home and had been abandoned 4 times in the three short years of her life and had been abused. She is now 6 years old. I don’t understand this because she is a very sweet dog.

Back to the grooming. Shih Tzu’s hair grows very fast and should be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. And should be brushed at least 3-4 times a week to stop matting. We keep her hair short, it is easier to care for, and get a cut called the teddy bear cut. Due to finances, I wanted to learn how to do this myself. It costs $40 every grooming session, which is a good price. She comes out looking great with bows and smelling pretty. They do a great job at Lake Murray Grooming. We went through several groomers before finding this one that we liked. When you do find a good groomer, stick with it, so your dog becomes comfortable there.  Read more and see video...

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