Overcoming Anxiety to Find Love
12:45 AM, Wednesday, March 14
MJ was found darting in and out of traffic during the busy morning commute. Recognizing the dangerous situation, a good Samaritan pulled over to try to help.

Although the 3-year old Pit Bull Terrier had an ear infection and some hair loss, his real challenge would require the time and skills of our Behavior & Training department, who would spend the next weeks using positive reinforcement and counter conditioning to help with his shyness and sensitive startle response to sounds. Thanks to the trainers and Sherman Street caregivers who worked with him, MJ was able to make tremendous progress toward overcoming his behavioral obstacles. And judging by the photos his new family sent us, it would appear that now he’s feeling anything but anxious.

His new mom couldn’t be happier either and tells us, “We absolutely LOVE MJ. He fits in perfectly with our family... MJ wags his tail constantly and even danced with me this morning. The vet kept complimenting him on his behavior, demeanor and disposition. Thank you so, so much for the training and the care you gave him and for trusting him with us. He is a cherished member of the family.”

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