Pacific Beach based TEAM PHUN™ transforms skateboards into dog feeders
12:48 PM, Tuesday, August 14

Jesse Goodwick of TEAM PHUN™ is no stranger to dogs. Growing up in a home that would have considered itself incomplete without more than a few faithful companions, the owner and operator of this San Diego based apparel company has recently introduced a Canine Collection that includes elevated skateboard dog feeders.


The feeders are designed to prevent back and neck strain by promoting good feeding posture that will ultimately aid in digestion. And because pooches come in different shapes and sizes, the decks are available in heights from 6” to 14” with the option to include two or three bowls on each.  Made in the USA from premium Canadian maple, the 7-ply hardwood skateboard deck also comes standard with one or two-quart dishwasher-safe mirror finish stainless steel bowls.


And because Jesse is always aiming to keep it real, the feeders are handmade by TEAM PHUN™ partner and Pennsylvania craftsman, Keith Goodwick who also happens to be one of Jesse’s distant cousins. In addition, the feeders have been quality control tested by Jesse’s recent adopted addition, Hank.


TEAM PHUN is based in Pacific Beach and now being featured in many neighborhood shops. In addition to skateboard dog feeders and “dogdannas”, products include men’s and women’s tees, headwear, totes and sunglasses. You can see a complete product line at


For more information contact Linz at (203) 994-6108, or visit the website at



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