Pet Lounge, Best in Show!
by Jude Artenstein
11:03 AM, Thursday, May 17
Jeff Krapf, host of the new TV series "Pet Lounge." Photo by Tina Nomura, Lionsbrow Photography
Jeff Krapf, host of the new TV series "Pet Lounge." Photo by Tina Nomura, Lionsbrow Photography
I am one of those people referred to as a “dog person.” Truth be told, I enjoy their company, I’m reassured by their infinite optimism, comforted by their intuitive powers, and inspired by their non-judgmental view of the world.

The more I know about dogs, the more I realize there is so much further to discover about our companion animals. That was exactly my inspiration in creating “Pet Lounge” a Television Series that brings to light real stories, unforgettable pets, and extraordinary people.

The “Pet Lounge” TV Show premieres May 19th on Cox Cable. Episodes cover a range of topics and a variety of pets that never fail to surprise, amaze or educate. The show highlights new discoveries in behavior, nutrition, health and science, uncovers history and folklore, reveals the human-animal bond and delights in the fun and joy of memorable encounters with our pets.

We already know that companion animals enrich our lives and supply a vital connection to the natural world. Clearly, the more we learn, the better we’re able to understand and care for them. My hope is that “Pet Lounge” will illuminate and inspire with beneficial insights and thought-provoking whimsy, all wrapped in a fun and engaging television series for all ages.

It’s magic when the opportunity to use your chosen profession (for me, filmmaking) connects with your passion (furry valentines). We’re having a lot of fun hosting human and animal guests at “the lounge” while our roving reporters cover everything pet-related and amazing.

The stories are amusing, and at other times practical: which pet-friendly hotels do you want to stay in the next time you hit the road with Fido? I hope everyone tunes into “Pet Lounge” airing on Cox Channel 4, beginning in May 19th, 2012. Check your local TV listings for times.

Jude Artenstein is a San Diego based filmmaker and the founder/organizer of

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May 27, 2012
I was so excited to see San Diego Pets Magazine on TV, I just about fell off the couch! BOL!

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