Reality Stars unite for meaningful kid’s series to help pugs everywhere
07:00 AM, Tuesday, October 16
Jimmy Paul the Pug Toothfairyis a new series that not only hopes to provide a meaningful message of universal themes to families, but hopes to raise pug awareness through the rescue cause Pugs for Pinky.

Elf Sparkle Group brings pug awareness to Pug Americans belief that “No Dog is a Throw away,” the motto of the National rescue group for pugs Pugs for Pinky  that was established in 2012 by Lisa Kerner and Nancy Metzger as a illness relief organization for  sick pugs and their owners with the high cost of vet care. Jimmy Paul the Pug Toothfairy urges you to spread you wings and join in the Puggapalooza to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Jimmy Paul the Pug Toothfairy has a lot to bark about in the star-studded line up in talent for the animated series. Fans are sure to see their favorite voices in a new way as they voice the furbabies in the Jimmy Paul the Pug Toothfairy films.

Pinky leads the pack in trying to dispel the myth that the Toothfairy is a figment of one’s imagination, a fat hummingbird, or just a large dust bunny. She is voiced by breakout child pageant star Eden Wood, who is also using that voice to mentor young ladies entering the pageant world by way of her new Logo channel show, “Eden’s World.” Famous for her innovative and sometimes outlandish costumes- a anatomically padded and sparkling Dolly Parton, a well heeled heart-of-gold 80’s icon in her Pretty Woman costume, or just going all out with her show-stopping Vegas Showgirl ensemble- Eden lends the voice of a well seasoned and curious little lady in the pink bowed Pinky.

The Narrator for Jimmy Paul the Pug Toothfairy is none other the TLC channelmate reality star Bill Klein from the hit series "The Little Couple." His deep baritone has BoBo as the voice of reason in this fun film.  Klein hits the nail on the head with the series in conveying a message to overcome adversity and be supportive and loving with your family and friends. Just ask WWBD? - What would BoBo do?

The company’s much applauded DVD releases of Toodles the Pink Poodle, Elf Sparkle and the Special Red Dress, and Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse - recent winner in the Oregon Film Festival for Best Family Film- are voiced by some of Hollywood’s most beloved actors.  Rob Schneider, John de Lancie, Catherine Hicks, Erin Gray, Margaret O'Brian, and Jon Provost are but a few of the talents in the Seasonal story of Elf Sparkle.

Jimmy Paul the Pug Toothfairy will be just in time to join the Christmas rush and the new Christmas Channel from the Elf Sparkle Group. Eden Wood will voice the Christmas animated films, Ian Owens will host and introduce the Christmas Music Video's. Bill Klein and Ed Faulkner (Hollywood Western film legend) will host and introduce the Christmas Films. It is sure to bring delight to families during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush and offer some peaceful time for families an d, hopefully, pugs everywhere.

To purchase the DVD and Soundtrack, visit their website.

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