San Diego Non-Profit, Furry Foster, Aims to End Euthanasia of Homeless Pets
08:08 AM, Tuesday, June 12
New non-profit, Furry Foster, is creating a nationwide network of foster homes to help end euthanasia of homeless pets due to shelter overcrowding. Furry Foster matches homeless pets with temporary foster homes to care for them until they are adopted.

Every year approximately 3-4 million pets are euthanized as a result of overcrowding in animal shelters according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Furry Foster is dedicated to saving these millions of healthy and adoptable pets by matching each of them with a temporary foster home.

“By placing homeless pets in foster homes, we can relieve shelter overcrowding and provide the proper training and socialization to prepare pets for their permanent homes,” says Margaret Choi, founder of Furry Foster.

With over 17 million families considering adoption this year according to the Shelter Pet Project (, the end to euthanasia should be just around the corner. Fostering provides a unique way for these families to find the right pet without the cost and commitment of adoption.

Furry Foster recently launched to create a nationwide network of foster homes. Furry Foster’s mission is to educate the public about fostering, create new foster homes and provide free resources to support foster homes and rescue foster programs. They work closely with local businesses and rescue organizations to achieve these goals.

Animal shelters and rescue organizations can register to list their available foster pets at, and can create robust profiles for each available pet, complete with videos and social media functionalities. Potential foster homes can browse available pets at and register to be matched with a foster pet. Pets and foster homes are matched based on breed, living situation, special needs and other attributes.

Furry Foster was founded by Margaret Choi in 2011. Margaret is a San Diego foster parent and entrepreneur. She combined her passion for fostering and marketing to create Furry Foster.

About Furry Foster: Furry Foster is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending euthanasia of adoptable pets by connecting homeless pets with loving foster homes. Founded in 2011, Furry Foster’s mission is to promote public awareness about pet fostering, creating new foster homes, and provide resources for foster homes and rescue foster programs. Based out of San Diego, California, Furry Foster’s goal is to rescue 50 homeless in June by collaborating with local shelters, rescue organizations, and businesses.

For more information about Furry Foster and fostering a pet, visit

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