Sara, Feline Au Pair Extraordinaire
04:51 PM, Sunday, November 13
Sara's Big Eyes
Sara's Big Eyes
Sara came to the Coronado Animal Care Facility (ACF) earlier this year on April 8th. Sara and her three kittens were found in an alley by a local resident who took pity on the young mother and her babies.

Sara is a young cat, about 1-1/2 years old. She has huge, golden-green eyes that are extremely expressive. They show her excitement when you enter her room as she runs up to you, looks you straight in the eye and meows her hello.

Early on, Sara was a little misunderstood. Still fresh from giving birth and nursing her kittens, she seemed unsure of other female cats. So, she was put in one of the single rooms, where she lived for many months.

The staff and volunteers started to feel sorry for her as it appeared that she was lonely. So everyone brain-stormed and plans were made.

Sara was introduced to Maverick and Dallas – two male teens. Although they have bonded and been together for a few months now, they are not from the same litter and are a month apart in age. But the positive energy in their relationship has a calming effect on every cat and kitten they meet and Sara was no exception.

In short order, Sara easily accepted the friendship of Maverick and Dallas and they get along splendidly. Sara plays with them, bathes them and sleeps with them.

They have been such a good influence that when they were moved to the front cat community room, Sara didn’t balk at all at living with the kittens Mowgli, Molly and Abel.

Still, as nice as they all get along, Sara is more than ready for her forever home. The ACF is a wonderful facility, but it is not the same as living with people in a loving home.

Do you have room in your heart and home for the luminous Sara?

Come meet Sara at the ACF any day (except holidays) between 9am and 4pm. If you have any questions, please call Bob, a cat adoption counselor, at 619-840-9727.
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