The American Dream goes organic
by KENDRA HARTMANN | San Diego Pets
04:09 PM, Friday, April 06
Marie Svet might perhaps perfectly embody the American Dream — at least insofar as that dream still exists. Her story isn’t one of rags-to-riches, but she has certainly achieved something many only dream of: she built a company from the ground up, simply because she wanted a particular product and couldn’t find it on the market.

When Svet moved to California from Paris in 2007, she fell in love with the health-conscious lifestyle that seems to rule this part of the country. She realized she could live a life here almost entirely based on healthy choices for herself and the planet — from where she shopped to where she ate. It was only after she adopted two rescue dogs, Nola and Sweetpea, however, that she realized those choices were limited when it came to the lives of her pets.

“I immediately fell in love with my two girls and wanted to provide them with the best products possible, the way that I would for any member of my family,” Svet said. “I searched everywhere but was disappointed when I was unable to find a quality product that met my eco-friendly and healthy choices.”

But, as Svet said, “America is known as the land of dreams,” and so she couldn’t simply sit idly by while there was progress to be made.

“I figured that if I couldn't find the products that I was looking for, I would just create my own,” she said.

And create her own she did. Svet went to work designing a line of all natural dog shampoo and conditioner that eventually emerged as Organic Oscar. The products are organic and biodegradable, and are especially useful for dogs with sensitive skin. The desire to create something that would allow her dogs to live a lifestyle similar to her own was natural, she said.

“People are becoming more aware of the importance of being healthy and environmentally friendly, and that lifestyle is just as important for pets,” Svet said. “As one of the few organic dog-grooming products, I like that we provide people with a more natural option.”

And it didn’t hurt that Svet happened to live in one of the most pet-friendly places around. San Diego, she said, has been particularly welcoming to products like hers.

“Almost any day of the year you can find dogs and pet parents at the beach, hiking or visiting a local farmer’s market,” she said. “San Diegans take pride in their community and there is something very special about that. We are very proud to be a San Diego company.”

As for how proud San Diego is to be the host to Organic Oscar, Svet’s clientele can be the gauge of that. Her customers, she said, epitomize that famed Southern California lifestyle, those who, she said, “live a healthy lifestyle, are outdoorsy and support local companies.”

“Our clients care about the values of the company, not just the products,” Svet said. “Organic Oscar is an environmentally friendly product — biodegradable formula, recyclable bottle — cruelty-free and believes in giving back to the community. We are a socially responsible company and people seem to really appreciate that.”

That appreciation, meanwhile, isn’t lost on Svet. After all, Organic Oscar came about because she wanted a worthwhile product for herself and her pets, not simply to make money.

“We spent a lot of time creating the perfect product,” she said, “something that every dog and dog parent would love.”

Organic Oscar’s offers

Organic Oatmeal Shampoo: Made with organic oatmeal and organic chamomile to gently clean and soothe dry, itchy skin.

Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo: Replenishes skin with organic aloe vera and organic leaf extracts.

Organic Aloe Vera Conditioner: Uses organic aloe vera and organic jojoba oils to clean deep while creating a softer and stronger coat.

Organic Oscar products are organic, all natural and biodegradable and do not contain soap, parabens, sulfates, petroleum based ingredients, artificial dyes or artificial fragrances. The products were created under veterinarian supervision and are made in the USA to adhere to and exceed high formulation standards.

The products are specially recommended for puppies, sensitive or dry skin, and frequent wash.

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