Third rule for wranglers could save your bunny’s life
by KR JOHNSON | San Diego Pets
12:04 PM, Friday, September 07
I pet-sit for friends who like to go to the river every summer, and although they take their dogs, the two bunnies refuse to go, as do the two cats and nine chickens. (The chickens are another story.)

The bunnies live in a cushy hutch set up under a lovely shade tree, but they still need a frozen water bottle to lie on, which I have to replace several times a day in this heat.

So I get there, armed with carrots and lettuce, but they look at me with their big bunny eyes, pleading with me to let them out into the small enclosed backyard for a romp.

I am such a sucker.

“Okay, but just for a half-hour or so,” I say, opening the door to the hutch.

At first, it seemed fine. They hopped out, twitching their noses and ears, looking around like, “Shall we mosey around the patio or explore the gardens first?”

Fred’s eye meets Ginger’s, and I swear this is true: He winked at her!

And they split. Fred zigged, Ginger zagged, and I was left staring after them, holding the melting water bottle.


I eeny-meeny-miney-moed and went after Ginger first. I tracked her to the end of the walkway, where the bushes ended at a fence, and spotted her under a thick bush.

Rule No. 1 for bunny-wranglers: Don’t shake the bush and scare the bunny!

Twenty minutes later, I had her in my sights again, but luckily, her back was to me. I had learned my lesson, and I sneaked up behind her, channeling my inner stealthy tiger.

With Ginger secure in the hatch, I set out after Fred, by far the Machiavellian of the two.

Rule No. 2 for bunny-wranglers: Bunnies think it’s funny to make you sweat.

An hour later, after a quick break in which I laid on my back holding the frozen water bottle to my red, overheated face, I caught a break in the form of Seymour the cat. Apparently, she wanted to settle on the patio for her afternoon nap, and I was disrupting the peace with all my yelling.

After a glare that clearly conveyed what an imbecile I was, she simply pounced… not on Fred, but at him.

Fred rocketed straight up and landed right on top of the hutch, begging me to let him in.

Oh, sure, now he’s agreeable. Hmph.

Which leads me to Rule No. 3 for bunny-wranglers: Make sure you alert the cat before attempting to wrangle bunnies.

KR Johnson is an award-winning speaker, longtime educator and advocate for kids and improv performer. She is the author of The Eleventh Sense, the hilarious journey of Simon, a bug whisperer with a big secret. Available on

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