Tracerz Scent Guides Help Blind Pets Navigate Through Surroundings
08:52 AM, Monday, October 22
One to two percent of pets worldwide will lose their vision.  This translates to a vast number of households that must make accommodations to help their blind dog(s) or cat(s) navigate through their living environments. 

Until now, there has been no successful solution to aid in the daily navigation of blind pets, resulting in many of them being euthanized. Tracerz scent-based location markers for blind dogs and cats, an innovation of Innovet Pet Products, aim to help pets navigate their surroundings.

“Tracerz allow pets to literally see the world through the sense of smell,” said Mike Edwards, Director of Sales & Marketing of Innovet Pet Products. “We look forward to helping pets and pet parents across the United States improve their living environments and quality of life.”

Each marker contains a proprietary blend of safe and pleasantly distinctive scents that are distinguishable from other household products. The unique scent of the obstacle and path markers are only noticeable up close to humans, however dogs and cats can locate them from extended distances.

Each Tracerz marker is infused with a unique component of highly concentrated essential oils that do not wipe off or wash away. This process maximizes the scented surface area and makes the marker active for approximately one yTypically within 48 hours of utilizing Tracerz, dogs will start avoiding more and more bumps and collisions. In the short-term, pets build up confidence and begin to move around with ease.

Tracerz can be affixed to walls, furniture, carpet, tile, hardwood, doors, trim, appliances, vinyl, glass and many other surfaces in a matter of seconds.  Tracerz are less than 1-inch in diameter and can easily be concealed-- humans don't have to see them, dogs just need to smell them.

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About Innovet Pet Products: Innovet is a medical technology firm, with offices in Gardena and Manhattan Beach, Calif., that serves veterinary clinics, researchers and the general public. Founded in 2005, Innovet Pet Products focuses on the treatment of pets that are hard to train and medicate. In 2012, Innovet Pet Products merged with TLM Research Labs LLC. The merger has expanded Innovet’s base of engineers, scientists, medical doctors and sales professionals. Together, the Innovet team strives to seamlessly integrate cutting edge technology with practical solutions to problems that every pet owner will encounter. The company’s goal is to give the modern pet parent reliable and innovative tools to assist their pet in the safest and most effective way possible.

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