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 ebooks for Dog & Cat Lovers
12:50 PM, Thursday, May 10
Hi - I'm Jody Wright and I have just published three e-books for dog & cat lovers everywhere.  With these ebooks, children and adults can enjoy both colorful art and the everyday wisdom of our “best friends.”  Most of the art in these books are of animals that have been rescued or came from shelters.
You may have heard about the print version of my book, “50 Secrets Humans Should Know” which sold over 38,000 copies but now I have taken that book and offer it in a digital format.  By doing so, the rich colors of my paintings that illustrate the book are not lost in the printing process.  There is a certain sacrifice in printing a book – sometimes your artwork gets cropped a bit oddly or the colors just don’t come through like they did in the original.  Going digital has allowed me to show the illustrations of these dogs beautifully. I've made it available for a variety of tables including Kindle, Nook, iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod touch.
After writing 50 Secrets Humans Should Know, people often asked me if I had a book for children, as well.  Since I'm also an animator, I decided to create a book that combined both animations and text.  Each page has a mini-movie.  With "Secrets Human Kids Should Know,"  I blended the traditional page with text, with the joyful movement of animation. Because this one is very visual with all the animation, it is the one that is only offered for iPads.

But before you think I have forgotten about cats, I released this book this week, "Cat Secrets Humans Should Know". Find out about all of these on my website at: http://www.wsggallery.com/animation.html

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May 11, 2012
These look like loads of fun.

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