NAPPS Celebrates Unique Pets in Honor of National Farm Animals Day: April 26, 2012
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NAPPS Celebrates Unique Pets and Offers Pet Parenting Tips

In Honor of National Farm Animals Day, April 26, 2012

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. March 20, 2012In honor of National Farm Animals Day, April 26, 2012, NAPPS is encouraging prospective pet parents to think outside the litter box and consider a unique pet for their family.

Despite being better known as farm animals, chickens have become common house pets, clucking their way into the hearts of pet parents nationwide. Pygmy goats, miniature horses and teacup pigs have also traded in their farm animal reputation and are enjoying the lifestyle of a family pet.

“Similar to cats and dogs, farm animals enjoy a person’s company and benefit from the daily interaction,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). “Like other pets, they are loyal and sociable animals and can be great human companions.”

In addition to the love and companionship they offer, farm animals provide useful resources for their pet parents. For example, pet chickens produce eggs that contain more vitamins and nutrients than those of chickens raised in coops. Pygmy goats offer milk that is tasty and sweet, and always available to drink. One of the many advantages of having a farm animal as a pet is that he or she will offer your family healthy and economical alternatives to items usually purchased at the grocery store.

NAPPS reminds pet parents to properly prepare for bringing a new pet into their home. For those considering making a farm animal a part of the family, NAPPS offers these tips:


  • Consider your other pets: will they act kindly and coexist with the newbie?


  • Create a personal space for your new pet. Although it will interact with other pets and people in your home, it will need its own “safe place”.


  • Like many other household animals, your former farm friend will yearn for human attention—consider utilizing the service of a professional pet sitter that is able to care for your pet when you are away.


  • Mittens will use the litter box and Fido will go outside—determine how you will train your new pet.


  • Bringing any new animal into your home will create additional responsibilities for pet parents and require extra care for the family member. Hire a professional pet sitter to help maintain a schedule for your pet while you work, travel, and maintain your daily routine.


If you’re considering a new pet, don’t sacrifice the experience of pet parenthood because of a demanding schedule or busy lifestyle. Professional pet sitters are able to customize a plan that will suit your routine and your pet’s needs.


NAPPS provides pet parents with helpful resources for welcoming a new pet into their home. Visit for safety tips to help create a pet-friendly environment for your new family member.


About NAPPS: NAPPS is the only national nonprofit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of professional pet sitters. The Association aims to help the pet owning public, those interested in pet sitting, and professionals engaged in the in-home pet care industry by fulfilling its vision statement, serving as "the most respected authority in professional pet sitting." It does so by providing the tools and support to foster the success of its members. Additionally, pet parents can benefit from NAPPS' free resources including a disaster preparedness guide, tips on how to select a pet sitter, and a nationwide referral service,. To find a pet sitter in your area, check out NAPPS' nationwide "Pet Sitter Locator" at For more information on NAPPS, please follow @TheNAPPS on Twitter or join us on Facebook at

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