Natural Anxiety Releif for July 4th
by dogwalker8
 Touch of Home Pet Care
02:50 PM, Sunday, July 01
bangs,celebrations,firecrackers,fireworks,holidays,special occasions,textIs your dog afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms? Dogs and cats have anxiety for many reasons, a move, new pet in the house or loud noises. The fourth of July is right around the corner. If you do not know if your pet is afraid of fireworks, see if your pet is afraid of  loud noises at home  before taking your pet out. You can get these sounds off the internet.

Light and music have effects on animals. A blue light is calming to an animal. A red light stimulates. This can be done simply by buying a blue light bulb. Music is also soothing, just as it is for people. How do you feel when you hear a hard rock song or a ballad or country songs? Play slow even tempo music for your pooch or kitty. Sometimes I play Zen-like music or easy listening, something soft.

Taking your pet for a long walk is helpful if you are leaving your pet on July 4th to relieve your pooch’s energy. Leave on the TV or soothing music which helps drowned out the noise and works as a calming effect. Remember your pet picks up on your energy also, such as being stressed, upset or anxious.

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