Pet of the Week: Nancy

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Animal ID: 262118

Some cats have a difficult time adjusting to shelter life. The many strange sounds, smells and activity can cause them to withdraw and even shut down. For many of these cats, however, a calm and stable environment is all it takes for their sweet and lovable nature to come shining through. Nancy is one such kitty.

Although shy initially, we’ve seen first-hand how affectionate she can be once she’s established trust and is in a calm environment. (Just look at the sweetness shown in the photo collage to the right! Most of the pics were taken while she was in a foster home, where she was thriving.)

She was originally relinquished to us because she didn’t get along with the resident kitty, so Nancy should be the only cat in the home. The beautiful 4-year old would also do best in an adult-only home where she can enjoy a nice, quiet atmosphere.

So if you are looking for a feline friend who would love to be your new Netflix buddy – look no further. This hidden gem is ready to shine! Come and meet Nancy at our Oceanside Campus today!

Nancy is not currently in public view (the noise and constant stares on the adoption floor are a bit unsettling for this gal), but be sure to ask about her at our Oceanside Campus or give us a call at 619-299-7012 and we’d be happy to arrange an introduction! Please have her Animal ID ready (262118) so that we may best help you.

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