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Gia Marie
Gia Marie

Gracie Lou
Gracie Lou

Two of a kind

When Michele Predko was considering adopting a kitten, she and her husband decided it would be best to find a pair. Last July, they spontaneously visited an East County Animal Rescue event at PetSmart, where they saw Gracie Lou and Gia Marie, sisters from a feral litter. “When we first saw Gracie Lou, she was literally throwing herself at the glass. It was like she was telling me to pick her,” Predko says. “She was very approachable and not scared.” Gia Marie was a bit more skittish, but still responsive to the couple.

Gracie Lou and Gia Marie quickly adapted to their new home. “Since they were used to sharing everything—from their food bowl to the litter box—during their time in foster care, it was an easier adjustment than we anticipated,” Predko says.

Although Gracie Lou and Gia Marie are sisters, their personalities are quite different. Gracie Lou is the fearless explorer, while Gia Marie is shy and partial to Predko’s husband.

“Sometimes they’re more like dogs than cats, from greeting us when we come home from work, to carrying toys around in their mouth, to how excited they are to eat,” Predko says. “We just love them and look forward to giving them long and happy lives.”

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm with his rescue dog, Cora.

“It has changed my life in such a positive way. Pets can bring to us a sense of love and pride, and all of those wonderful things.”—Jon Hamm, on adopting his rescue dog, cora, in people magazine.

Meant to be 

puppyPorter, a German shepherd puppy, was adopted from San Diego Humane Society by Keana Marquez and her husband shortly after they met him. “Luckily for him, and us, he found a forever home,” Marquez says.

At 8 months old, Porter already knew how to sit, lie down, and shake on command. He loves going to the dog park every day to meet new friends, and riding in the truck with his head out the window.

“He is such a sweetheart and very smart,” Marquez says. “My husband and I are very happy with our adopted puppy from San Diego Humane Society.”

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