Pal Around with Animal Ambassadors

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Carol Crafts, a 20-year Project Wildlife volunteer,
with Soyala
Project Wildlife has a special place for critters who can’t be released back into the wild: They become a permanent part of the Project Wildlife education team, receiving all the care they need from permitted, trained volunteers. Those with the right temperament become Animal Ambassadors, greeting with the public at schools and events. There’s Guinevere, a merlin falcon with an injured wing; Spinner, the orphaned opossum with the curious habit of walking in circles; Druk, a female rosy boa with a spinal deformity; and more than a dozen other animals waiting to show you their wild charm.
“Seeing the animals up close is so powerful, especially for kids,” says Danielle Ross, Project Wildlife’s satellite care specialist. “It’s one thing to see a bird at a distance, and another to go, ‘Wow, look at those talons!’”


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