Bark at the Beach

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Time to hit the beach!
Bark at the Beach
With four off-leash beaches to choose from, you’re never too far away from some sandy fun with your up.
Coronado Dog Beach
Enjoy views of the Hotel Del and the Point Loma skyline while your dog frolics in the surf.
Del Mar Dog Beach
Dogs are allowed off leash on Del Mar’s North Beach between Labor Day and June 15.
Fiesta Island
The off-leash park in Mission Bay has lots of fun stuff to see, like campers, bonfires and even the occasional horse.
Ocean Beach Dog Beach
San Diego’s original dog beach is a happening hot spot for hounds. 


Excessive panting, as well as increased heart rate, drooling, or stumbling are all signs your pet is overheating. But don’t let it get to that point: When it’s hot, make sure pets have plenty of water. Try adding ice—some pets love it. Err on the side of keeping them in an air-conditioned home or in the shade. Apply ice packs or cool towels, or bathe pets in cool water if necessary. Brushing or trimming pets can thin their coat to help cooling, but don’t shave their fur—it’s protective. When outdoors, remember that pets’ bodies are closer to the pavement than ours; it’s even hotter down there, and the pads of their paws are sensitive. Hairless and light-coated dogs are like light-skinned people: They burn easily and might require sunscreen. Flat-faced animals like pugs and Persian cats are especially prone to overheating.


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