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A bittersweet end for SDHS’s Sherman Street location


In March,San Diego Humane Society said goodbye to its facility on Sherman Street. Although adoptions had been moved to the nearby Gaines Street location in 2003, that beige brick building had been SDHS’s home base for nearly seven decades.

“Sherman has always been the rock,” says SDHS President and CEO Gary Weitzman. “It’s the place where our programs were born and where so many people in our community adopted their beloved pets.”

In 1951, SDHS settled into the building, a former milk plant, after jumping from location to location since its inception in 1880. Over the years, Sherman Street became home to the Humane Law Enforcement division, Project Wildlife, the Behavior Center and countless animals.

SDHS moved its Humane Law Enforcement division into the Gaines Street facility and opened the Pilar & Chuck Bahde Center for Shelter Medicine there in 2018. Project Wildlife followed earlier this year with the opening of the Pilar & Chuck Bahde Wildlife Center. SDHS’s new Behavior Center is set to open at Gaines Street this summer.

“You hate saying goodbye, but we’re moving on to better, more modern facilities that can properly take care of animals the way they deserve,” Weitzman says, “and the way our staff and volunteers deserve as well.”

The closing was bittersweet for SDHS employees and volunteers, many of whom walked over just after its lease with the city expired to say their last goodbyes.

“My children started out as campers here at age 5—they’re now 28 and 31,” says volunteer Judy Kovi. “I’m getting a little emotional, of course, but it’s wonderful to have seen how SDHS has grown. During these days we were very small, but San Diego Humane Society always had heart.”

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