Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

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Have a question or concern about pets or wildlife but don’t know whom to ask?

There’s a one-stop shop for all such inquiries: San Diego Humane Society’s Resource Center, a hotline staffed by knowledgeable employees seven days a week. This is where it all begins: reuniting lost pets with owners, sheltering and rehoming animals, reducing animal overpopulation, treating illness and injury, and many more things SDHS takes care of.

Anyone in the community can reach out to us. In most instances, we get them the answer they need during one call,” says Lisa Murphy, director of guest relations. The phones are answered by dispatchers from Humane Law Enforcement or guest relations workers who are trained in all aspects of animal care. “So many folks open their hearts to animals but maybe don’t have all the knowledge or resources to care for them. We’re here to help,” Murphy says.

Most frequently asked questions

What can the Resource Center help with?

Almost anything! Here are some examples:

FOR MORE: Call 619-299-7012 or visit The Resource Center’s recently expanded hours are 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day.

For animal-related emergencies after 10 p.m., contact your local law enforcement agency.


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