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Not only can you teach old dogs new tricks, but you should! Learning new things in old age is just as important for a dog’s mental and physical health as for a person’s.

Here are some of our favorite tricks and games for older dogs:

Find it!

Say “Find it!” and toss a couple of treats on the floor. Make finding the treats gradually more challenging until you can hide them around your house and have your pup really put her nose to work!

Catch a Treat

Toss a treat and see if your pup can catch it. Start easy, then gradually make it more challenging by adding distance.

Weekly Adventure

Take your pup and her mat out to a new place every week. Even if she’s slowed down physically, she’ll get a lot out of just being in a new environment.

Mat Games

Put down a portable mat (you can use half a yoga mat) for your pup. Every time she is on the mat, reward her with lots of treats and attention. Over time the mat will become your pup’s favorite place to hang out.

Take a Class

San Diego Humane Society offers many classes, including a trick class, Introduction to Rally Obedience—and you might also consider reviewing your skills by taking our Marvelous Manners class. Either one is a fun way to spend time with your senior pup and teach her something new.


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