5 Reasons to Walk for Animals

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San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals is May 6

SDHS is more than just adoptions

In addition to animal care and adoptions, San Diego Humane Society investigates cases of animal neglect and cruelty, and sponsors adult and youth education, pet-assisted therapy and positive reinforcement training. It also provides animal emergency relief and rescue for both companion animals and wildlife.

Community support is vital

SDHS is not affiliated with any other humane society or SPCA, so it relies on the support of the community to keep its many services going strong. Registering for the Walk for Animals—SDHS’s largest fundraising events of the year—is an important way to keep their lifesaving programs and services running.

Strength in numbers

Starting your own Walk for Animals team divides the work and multiplies the results! If you think about the impact you could have on your own, imagine what a team can do. Enlist family members, friends and co-workers who all have one big thing in common: a love for animals and their welfare. With the support of a team working to raise funds through creative methods like bake sales, yard sales and other efforts, the generosity is contagious.

Keep the good work going

If you have an animal, you know the joy they can bring to your life. Why not do something to help someone else experience the same? Donations from the public allowed SDHS to lead the Getting to Zero initiative, which ensures no healthy, treatable animal is euthanized in shelters throughout San Diego County. To make sure G20 remains a reality for the sake of shelter pets in San Diego, the support of the community is essential.

A fun, fit way to support the cause

This might be the most fulfilling way to spend the afternoon with your dog. The Walk for Animals is a chance for both you and your animal to socialize, do treat puzzles and try out the a-maze-ing skills course to learn tricks and skills through positive reinforcement training. Trainers will also be on hand to consult with you on techniques that can strengthen your relationship with your dog. Looking for another way to support? There’s a volunteer job for just about any interest at the Walk for Animals, from flipping pancakes to assisting photographers. Spend the day learning something new, meeting new people and helping to make the event a great experience for everyone.

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