Your Pet Nutrition in MyBowl
09:31 PM, Tuesday, October 04
According to a recent pet nutrition study, 69% percent of dog owners need help understanding their dog’s nutritional needs. To help educate owners about properly balanced dog nutrition, PetMD and Hill’s Pet Nutrition have partnered to create MyBowl for dogs.

A first of its kind interactive tool, MyBowl for dogs is designed to put dog nutrition in terms people can understand by:

  • Illustrating the proper proportions of essential nutrients dogs need – carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins, fats and oils
  • Educating owners about the specific benefits each nutrient delivers when fed in the right balance
  • Decoding the dog food label so owners ensure their dog is receiving the proper balance of nutrients at each meal
Made with all natural ingredients, Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance features fresh chicken as its first ingredient and contains whole grains without corn or artificial colors – providing a natural food choice that also delivers the right balance of nutrients.
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