10:35 PM, Wednesday, November 06
Dr. Avi Shaprut of the Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center offers tips for new puppy parents

Social Butterfly: Socializing your new puppy early on will help them learn the proper behavior in responding to a new person or animal. If he feels up to it, try to introduce your dog to 10 – 20 new people and pets (of varying ages) during your first two weeks together. This will help them acclimate to different sizes and temperaments of pets, as well as a variety of human personalities.

Restful Nights: As your puppy gets used to being in a new environment, you may hear crying and whining at night. Try to be patient; this behavior is natural and shouldn’t last longer than a few weeks. Additionally, try keeping them busy with quick training or play sessions during the early evening hours. A worn out puppy is a quiet puppy.

Potty Training: Take your puppy out often and before you put them in their pen or kennel before bed. Removing the water bowl one hour before bed may also be helpful for some dogs. Frequency in routine is very important for house training and rewarding victories can be key.

Check Ups: Your vet will help in scheduling vaccinations and explain the significance of preventative care for fleas, ticks, heartworm, and rabies among other diseases. Remember to bring a list of questions with you to the first appointment – from the beginning your vet will be an important part of your pet’s health.

Dr. Avi Shaprut is a veterinarian at the Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center on Ronson Rd. www.kmvet.com

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