Shaggy Swabbies Treated to a Pet Day on the Bay
by MARK CARLSON | San Diego Pets
09:46 PM, Wednesday, May 09
What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? 100 dogs on a bay cruise.

On board Hornblower’s M/V Adventure, dogs are the stars of the show for the annual Pet Day on the Bay.

Normally Hornblower’s passenger list consists of tourists, vacationers, families and people wanting to enjoy the picturesque vistas and warm sunny weather on the bay. Pet Day on the Bay will host dogs of all breeds and their owners on three one-hour tours of the bay. Everything from Chihuahuas to Collies, Beagles to Bassets, Shelties to Shepherds and Retrievers to Ridgebacks will be walking the gently rolling decks in the warm San Diego sunshine. The furry swabbies will give the dog lovers on board a lot to talk about. The dogs will have fun, doing what dogs do when they meet one another, scampering about on leash, lying down in the warm sun and making new friends.

“It requires a little forethought,” Hornblower’s Marketing Director Rebecca Milkey said with a smile. “We know a lot of dogs will be on board so we have volunteers to work the cruise. It always works out well and it’s lots of fun.”

When asked about some of the delicate issues which occur when a pack of dogs are allowed to walk the decks of a 165-foot excursion boat, Milkey laughed. “We have a company called Easy Turf, which manufactures a grass substitute. They provide a large square of it for the ‘Poop Deck,’ where the dogs can relieve themselves. Volunteers are there to pick up. We also have a Vet Tech on board in case any dogs are bitten, but nothing serious has ever happened,” she said with pride.

“The crew is terrific.”

Vendors selling doggy treats will be on board for the day.

All the proceeds from the cruise will benefit Helen Woodward Animal Center, an organization in north county which has for 30 years believed people help animals through trust, unconditional love, and respect, and works to create a legacy of caring. The Center inspires and teaches, locally and globally, the importance of the animal-human bond. Many nursing homes and hospitals host Helen Woodward animals to foster love and healing with their animals.

“We’ve had a great relationship with Helen Woodward for several years,” said Milkey. “It’s such a good way to raise money for a wonderful organization and really brings dogs and animal lovers together.”

The Public Relations spokesperson for Helen Woodward said of Hornblower’s cruises, “It is wonderful. Everybody deserves a lot of praise for what they do.”

For all San Diego dog owners and animal lovers, this is a great and fun event for the whole family. Bring the dog(s) and come on board to enjoy the sun, warm breezes and the wagging tails.

For more information on Helen Woodward Animal Center, go to their website at:

To contact Hornblower, go to:

Mark Carlson, 51 lives in San Diego with his wife Jane and his Guide dog Musket. A docent at the San Diego Air & Space Museum and aviation historian, Mark writes for several national aviation magazines. He is a featured speaker for many local adult education programs. His first book, ‘Confessions of a Guide Dog – The Blonde Leading the Blind’ is a humorous memoir about the adventures of life with Musket. It is available in through, and You can reach Mark and Musket through

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