Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

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They keep going and going and going in multi-million dollar ad campaigns, inhabit many beloved stories from your childhood, pop up in odd-ball comedies, and stare back at you from your morning cereal box. Not to mention that they are major movie stars. Rabbits are everywhere!

We know you’re familiar with Bugs, Thumper, and Roger, but here are a few more you might not know:


The Pancake Rabbit

Known for his ability to balance things on his head, Oolong took the Internet by storm in the early 2000s and remains popular with Pinterest boards, Facebook pages, and Tumblr posts dedicated to documenting his skills.



Part of an ongoing international art project, Mysterabbits are small meditating rabbit sculptures placed around the world to be found by anyone and everyone. According to its website, at least 18 figurines have been found in San Diego, so get hopping on the search for your own. mysterabbit.com



This mythical critter is born of a dwarf deer and a jackrabbit. Fun fact: Since 2005 Wyoming has been trying to pass a bill recognizing the jackalope as the state’s official mythological creature.


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