Dear Tabby

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Q: My new dog has lots of energy. What are the best ways to make sure he gets the exercise and attention he needs?

A: Exercising your pup both physically and mentally is a great way to keep him happy. This can include daily walks, obedience training, or even fun classes like agility, nose work, or treibball, a game in which dogs push exercise balls toward a soccer goal. I also suggest having your dog work for his breakfast and dinner rather than just feeding him out of a bowl. You can use hunting games, such as tossing kibble on the grass or hiding food throughout the house, or food puzzle games. And giving your dog a treat-dispensing toy, such as a Kong, Squirrel Dude or Tricky Treat Ball, will help keep him busy when you’re out of the house or have guests over. For ideas on how to stuff these kinds of toys, visit

Dear Tabby is also known as Shauna Romero, behavior and training super-visor at San Diego Humane Society’s Behavior Center.


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