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SDHS has two new places to teach new behavioral skills

A digital rendering of SDHS’s new Behavior Center, opening soon.

San Diego Humane Society’s 16 animal behavior experts and 20 volunteers are on track to teach more dogs and cats than ever to sit, stay and interact well with other animals and people—a critical step for them to be successful in their future adoptive homes.

Last year, 478 rescues graduated from SDHS’s Behavior Center, usually after two weeks to three months, but sometimes as long as a year for very poorly socialized animals.

That number is likely to exceed 500 in 2019, courtesy of a custom-built behavior center at the San Diego Campus on Gaines Street, as well as the repurposing of the former Oceanside Dog Park as a dedicated behavior yard.

The former Oceanside dog park gets new life as an exercise, rehabilitation and training yard

The San Diego Campus, slated to open in February, will house 44 pups and 23 kitties who will join play groups in four small yards and sprint, leap and pounce in two larger yards. “We’re looking forward to having a facility that’s specially designed for the work we’re doing, and being able to make an even bigger impact in our community,” says Amanda Kowalski, the Behavior Center’s director.

Last summer, SDHS converted an Oceanside dog park that had been open to the public into a behavior center and play area. “We reevaluated, and we think using this space to help enrich the animals will be really beneficial,” Kowalski says. “It’s a nice big space where we’ll be able to host manners classes and get them out for play groups.”

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