5 Tips for Even Better Pet Pics

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  1. Get on their level. Shooting from eye level lets your pet connect with the camera.
  2. Feature their favorites. Incorporating a cherished toy, blanket or another prop helps pets feel at ease.
  3. Focus on their best features. Love puppy dog eyes or kitty whiskers? Make this the focal point.
  4. Distraction is key. It’s no secret pets don’t love sitting still for the camera. Play with them while taking pictures to keep them engaged.
  5. Let their personality shine through. Be patient and avoid forced or unnatural poses.

Winter Getaway!
San Diego Pets Magazine readers share their furry friends’ favorite ways to spend winter days

Balboa Park is always a favorite! —Debbie Redondo, Normal Heights

Boating San Diego Bay! —Stephanie Butcher, Winter Gardens

Bryan James and his first snowcation! —Suzy Clayton, Lakeside

Clementine relaxing in her hammock. —Katei Brooke Palmer, Lakeside

Indy about to hike at Mount Laguna. —Jen Acosta, Oceanside

Deuce playing ball. —Yvonne Gonzalez, Otay Ranch


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