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Abandoned by his family, Oscar, an 8-year-old beagle, warmed the hearts of San Diego Humane Society Facebook fans, especially that of his adopter Aaron, who can’t believe his previous owner gave him up.

“He’s perfect!  He has the independent beagle personality that follows his own intuition and nose, but he is still so well-trained with all his tricks… ” – Aaron


Mouse and Wifi

Now & Then

“Celebrity Duos Cause Social Media Stir” Fall 2014

The “twins,” as I have taken to calling them, have been pure delights at my house. They have acclimated to their new home, kitty condo, and a floor full of toys with little trouble or stress. Their older canine brother Jack is getting quite used to having them around. My favorite thing is to lay in bed at 6 a.m. while Wifi rests upon my chest purring like a madman, and Mouse slinks up from behind my head and “massages” my shoulder as she nestles in for morning cuddles. —Cheance

Mouse and WiFi--CD47 (1)Mouse and WiFi-CD (12)_1

Charlie and Eowyn

Operation Chinchilla

The children absolutely love the chins. They have been instrumental in teaching the boys the importance of patience and empathy. Both of them have done a great job embracing each chin’s little improvements, and they’ve all bonded closely. Above all, it has taught them how to give unconditional love and to have the patience to wait for an animal to trust a person on his own terms. —Christy

charlie in bath

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