Worth the Wait

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Photo Courtesy Betsy McCue
Augustina, an American pit bull terrier with cancer, found a loving home after being in San Diego Humane Society’s care for over a year while she received the medical care that cured her cancer. We interviewed her owner, Anthony Spencer, about bringing her into the family.
What was it about Augustina that made you want to adopt her? She looks almost identical to my brother’s dog who I helped raise, but it was really the fact that she had two different-colored eyes that grabbed my attention.
What made you decide to wait so long to adopt her? When I initially went to adopt her, she had a few masses on her chest and was having a hard time with her hind legs, and SDHS said they wanted to run more tests to make sure she was in good health. A month later, they told me that her health was declining and she needed additional medical care before she could be adopted, so I just decided not to get a dog after all. It wasn’t until a year later I discovered she was on the adoption list again—it just seemed like it was meant to be.
How is Augustina adapting to her new home? The first week she had separation anxiety and wouldn’t leave my side. It’s been a challenge getting her used to having so much freedom and property to run around on, but she is becoming more and more independent every day.
How has your life changed since adopting her? She is exactly what I was looking for. It gives me a great sense of pride knowing that I’m able to give her a place to call home, and some stability and freedom to run around like a dog should.
What have you learned from Augustina and her incredible story? Through all the adversity she’s faced, she still has a lot of spirit and a lot to give to an owner who’s willing to take the time to put in the work.
What would you say to someone who’s thinking about adopting a dog, especially one who has faced adversity, like Augustina? Anything that is broken can be fixed. Patience and love go a long way. Being there for an animal who just needs a little help is very rewarding.


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