No Pet? No Problem

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If pet ownership is not currently in the picture, there are still ways to get your animal fix…


Give the gift of time to animals by volunteering at one of the animal sheltering organizations in the San Diego Animal Welfare Coalition. You’ll perform a wide variety of tasks, from cleaning cages and cuddling adoptable animals to walking dogs and helping out at community events.


If you’re not quite ready for a long-term commitment, sign up to be an animal foster. You’ll take in a pet for days, weeks, or months, helping free up local shelters to accommodate other homeless animals.


Whether it’s a casual agreement with an animal-loving friend or a possible business venture through a site such as or, sign on to be a dog walker or pet sitter for quick, convenient bursts of pet care.


Save a life from the comfort of your home by sponsoring a shelter pet—and not just a dog or cat. For $30 a month, you can sponsor a bunny at the San Diego House Rabbit Society and help him receive comfortable care until he hops into his new home.

Go Virtual

For a daily fix of animal fun, there’s always the Internet. “We have hundreds of videos on YouTube,” says Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of San Diego Humane Society. Or, you can also find a live Kitten Cam at its Kitten Nursery featured on


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